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Reservation Information - May through September

The Tangle River Inn is open from the first week of May through approximately September 27th each year. The State of Alaska does not maintain the Denali Highway as of the 1st of October, and the lodge closes down for the season a few days early to ensure that all of its guests can safely access the State maintained Parks and Richardson Highways. Reservations should be made as early as possible, particularly during peak seasons!

May and June:


Aug. - Sept. 20:

Fishing is great, hunting season is long off, and area birding is at its best! This is an ideal time to visit if a remote and rustic atmosphere is a must on your list. Bird watching begins June 1. Things start picking up with Independence Day festivities, bringing repeat visitors from all points of the State. Visitors from around the world marvel at a July 4th celebration during 24 hour daylight! The Gulkana River salmon run also begins at this time. Marks hunting season in Alaska, and the area surrounding the Inn is a popular and productive spot for Alaskan hunters. Reservations for this time period should be made well in advance. During this season the Inn abounds in "the one that got away" stories!
Your credit card information is required to make and confirm a reservation.
Please call us (907) 892-4022 Winter or (907) 822-3970 May - Sept. or Email us at: deejack37@gmail.com to make your reservation.

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(907) 892-4022 Winter or (907) 822-3970 May - Sept. - Email us at: deejack37@gmail.com
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