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Established 1970Tangle River Inn - Mile 20 Denali Hwy

Jack Johnson and his family built their homestead in the area which now encompasses the Tangle River Inn in 1953. He and his father laid most of the trails in the area, which are now used for hunting, fishing & other recreation. A map of the extensive trail systems in the area, provided by the Bureau of Land Management, is available at the Inn.

Jack and his wife Naidine built the Tangle River Inn 45 years ago, and have been constantly improving and expanding it since that time. Jack handles the mechanical end, and Naidine and her staff keep visitors coming back for more of their unique brand of Alaskan hospitality.

Violet and Renee - The CrewThe Crew

Bartender, cook & right hand man to the boss-lady, Violet has been with the Inn since 1993, and Renee has been making guests feel right at home since 1996.

Your Hostess - Naidine Johnson

And, of course, you will find your hostess, Naidine, moving between the cafe, kitchen & bar, ensuring all are welcomed, served, and entertained.

Learn more about the mountain named after her here!

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